Fox Valley Fieros

Wisconsin's Newest Fiero Club!


Welcome to the newest Fiero club to hit the Wisconsin scene!


We are a FREE club dedicated to preserving the history and fun of our little two seat cars.

 WIthin our club you will find a mix of Collectors,Mechanics,fabricators,Wiring gurus,Techs,Bodymen and tons of resources to help you keep your little car going.  As a club we are located within the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin. 

We are open to fiero lovers from all over so, Join us in all our fun and mayby learn a thing or two along the way. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to chime in either on this website, or over here on PFF(Pennocks Fiero Forum). We tend to update the Pennocks thread more than this club site so please go to it and say hi!! don't forget to add yourself to our members list!!!! 




Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


A note from Jetsnvettes2000:

Hey everyone hows it going!

Hey Everyone!! I know we all do not check this much due to having our Facebook page up and running and the Pennocks but I would like to say welcome to our new members and get your butts over on the other sites to say hi!!! My screen name on Pennocks is Jetsnvettes2000! Send me a private message if you have not received your club stickers yet!!! As always our club is free for all members and this coming summer I am planning a few fun get together events such as a Bowling event. It will be North Wisconsin members VS South!!!! 1/11/14 




Welcome to the club new members and as always say hi on the Pennocks site since we seem to never check this one!!  


Here is the link to the facebook site


Visit our photo section and video section! Feel free to add anything you like.

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Our Next Event!


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